Flavors of Morocco Transcended


Dive into a culinary adventure that transcends the borders of Moroccan cuisine. Discover how the intense and aromatic flavors of Morocco can harmoniously blend with ingredients from around the world to create a new, exciting, and dynamic cuisine.

Plongez dans une aventure culinaire qui transcende les frontières de la cuisine marocaine. Découvrez comment les saveurs intenses et aromatiques du Maroc peuvent se marier harmonieusement avec des ingrédients provenant du monde entier pour créer une cuisine nouvelle, passionnante et dynamique.

Where Is Blue Bird


Where is Blue Bird” is a delightful book crafted by Raya Halet and Julie Mallon, with charming illustrations by Suzanne Darkan. Designed with babies aged 0-6 months in mind, the book aims to make a positive impact on their daily summer routines. This book provides an engaging and interactive experience that captures their imagination while fostering a sense of adventure.


The Eco-heroes and The Plastic Planet (English)


The Eco-heroes and The Plastic Planet is the third in the series and follows the adventures of Sundos with her family and friends on a day trip to the beach.

The story highlights how plastic is present in so many aspects of our daily lives without us realising the true extent of its impact.Filled with plenty of humour, this book touches on aspects of traditional local culture, family and friendship whilst delivering a
clear message on plastic pollution and ocean conservation.

The Eco-heroes Watch Water (English)


Watch Water is the 4th book in the series. The story’s hero is Rudi from South Africa who understands why water conservation is so important, having seen it first hand in his home country.

The book highlights water scarcity in the Middle East and why fashion and diet have such an impact on our water footprint. There are desert camping adventures and football antics in the garden, but the highlight is the children modelling ethical outfits at the
Eco-Fashion Festival. Guess which Eco-hero will not be invited back to next year’s festival?!

The Eco-heroes Fight For Food (English)


Fight For Food follows cheeky Finlay the Food Fanatic as he buys, prepares, eats, shares (and saves) food with his friends. They embark on a picnic in a local park and make the best chocolate cake the UAE has ever seen.

There are plenty of silly encounters in the story and brilliant illustrations of the characters and recognisable local landmarks. but more importantly, so much opportunity for children to learn the critical messages about the importance of food and how it relates
to the environment around them

The Eco-heroes Recycling Trip Trouble (English)


The first book in the 5 book series, introduces us to The Eco-heroes – Ahmed, Sundos, Rudi, Maria and Finlay. These lovable Dubai school friends embark on a series of fun adventures, all the while aspiring to make their school and community more ec0-friendly

In Recycling Trip Trouble, when the Eco-heroes go on a school trip to a recycling plant, things don’t go quite as expected! Read about the five school friends as they investigate a recycling factory and get up to a little bit of mischief. Maybe your next school
trip could be the same…

After Iftar Tales


Our Ramadan 2021 publication, ‘After Iftar Tales’ contains a unique collection of curated short stories written by members from our community around the world. With diverse characters and heartwarming plot lines, these stories share with us a glimpse of life in Ramadan in a variety of everyday situations.

With 142 pages and a beautiful midnight blue cover and gold foiled accents, ‘After Iftar Tales’ is a must-have for your Ramadan Collection this year.

The Heart of Design


The Heart of Design: Spirituality, Creativity & Entrepreneurship is the forthcoming book by renowned designer and entrepreneur, Peter Gould.

An interactive guide to designing and aligning creative, professional and spiritual aspirations, The Heart of Design invites readers to discover why and how strategic value and personal transformation is unlocked through ‘design for remembrance’ in the age of ‘design for distraction’.

The Heart of Design invites readers on a guided journey to empower and elevate their ideas & projects with a heart-centered, design-led process.

Discover practical ways to align timeless spiritually-grounded values with reimagined strategic design tools used by some of the worldʼs leading innovators and creative leaders.

What is Ramadan: An Activity Book?


What is Ramadan?’ is an activity book aimed at children from multicultural backgrounds to help them understand what this month is about. There are characters depicting children from 10 different countries who talk about what Ramadan means to them and how they celebrate it. There are activities, quizzes, crafts, and recipes to keep children engrossed and entertained all while they imbibe the lesson that despite having different cultural and religious backgrounds, we are all united by common values of compassion, family, kindness, and sharing.

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