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Changing The Game


Investment expert Lucy Chow has selected 34 essays from thought leaders in the gaming industry. These curated perspectives of the global network of game-changing esports insiders provide a backstage pass to the impact and future of gaming. This diverse group of corporate professionals, entrepreneurs, investors, and educators pull back the curtain, revealing the use of gaming in schools, the growing roles of women in the fi eld, and innovative business opportunities. In building bridges among these, Chow welcomes you into a thriving community to discover a new opportunity for your own success.


Net Zero City


The climate emergency is already having major impacts on cities worldwide, and these impacts will increase. We know that we must transform the world’s energy systems, as well as our lives and lifestyles, in order to achieve sustainability, livability, and balance. This acclaimed book provides a detailed Roadmap to help guide these critical changes to our energy systems, as well as our ways of living, and the cities in which we live.


Coco’s Adventures with Miko


This is a story of Coco, a fun-loving raccoon who makes the bold decision to slip himself into a bag and fly on a plane for an adventure. Unaware of his destination, he lands in the UAE and is taken by complete surprise. His exploits begin in Abu Dhabi where he makes an unlikely but delightful acquaintance with Miko the meerkat. Together they explore the UAE and have amusing and unforgettable experiences.

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    Of The Month

    Philip Wride

    ” Bridging the gap between parents and children, teachers and students, videogames and learning, and documenting my journey.”

    Category Writer
    Language English

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