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Julie Mallon

Julie is a highly-qualified professional with over 30 years of experience, previously a Nurse, Midwife, and Health Visitor (UK). Now
Qualified both as a Gentle Sleep Coach and a Sleep Consultant
with the international Parenting and maternity insights (now the
International Parenting and Health Insitute). Julie is the leading infant sleep expert in the UAE. Known for her regular Sleep Clinic on
Dubai Eye and has been published in many regional publications.
Known as the Resident Sleep Expert; on Dubai Eye 103.8 FM, Julie
takes every opportunity to discuss and promote good sleep hygiene and the benefits of a good night’s sleep. As a clear authority
in the field of healthy sleep practice, she is in high demand to
speak at industry events. She spoke at the 2022 US Sleep Symposium in North Carolina, USA; discussed sleep deprivation and
leadership at the prestigious Leadership School in Armenia, and
most recently spoke at the Children’s Mental Health Symposium
in Dublin, Ireland.

Author's books

Where Is Blue Bird


Where is Blue Bird” is a delightful book crafted by Raya Halet and Julie Mallon, with charming illustrations by Suzanne Darkan. Designed with babies aged 0-6 months in mind, the book aims to make a positive impact on their daily summer routines. This book provides an engaging and interactive experience that captures their imagination while fostering a sense of adventure.