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Uhibbook - Trusted Book Publishing House in Dubai

Welcome to Uhibbook


Uhibbook Publishing is an Independent Publishing house aimed at creating Books for Impact. They are a mission-based initiative that focuses on creating high-quality books that serve to create a positive social impact in any field. They support the local, UAE-based, authors community in their writing and publishing journey. They enable professionals to establish themselves, expand their reach and create impact through beautifully designed books and e-books.
They also help corporates with their book design and publishing requirements.

Bismillah Buddies makes Islamic learning relevant, engaging and fun through stories, songs and activities for children between the ages of 1-12 years.
They create value-based Islamic-themed content that shares the beauty of Muslim culture around the world with a multi-faith audience and helps build empathy and love between cultures.
They support upcoming authors and educators in the field of Islamic learning who share a common mission of a world built on unity, diversity, and equity.
Bismillah Buddies is a well-known international brand in the Islamic education and lifestyle space. They have been recognized by organizations like Dubai Culture and represented Islamic lifestyle products at Sikka Art Fair, Dubai. They conduct book readings, workshops, and themed activities at schools and malls, especially around the occasions of Ramadan and Eid. They have conducted Ramadan events at over twenty schools in Dubai and Sharjah, Mercato Mall, Dubai Mall, and Qasba Canal in Sharjah.

Bismillah Buddies




Storically creates personalized books to amplify diversity and preserve personal history. They encourage and engage reluctant readers by creating fun books that have the child’s name and character at the start of the narrative. They enable children to connect with their history and culture through creating books based on personal stories of individuals and families; children who are in touch with their roots are proven to be more resilient and confident.
Storically conducts workshops to curate personal stories and enables people to build deeper connections with each other through unique story-telling workshops.
Storically was established as the result of winning a start-up pitch contest conducted by Sheraa, Sharjah, UAE. They were also selected to be a part of the Ma’an Social Incubator in Abudhabi, UAE. They have since worked with the Burda Arts Festival at Expo 2020 supported by the Ministry of Culture and Youth, UAE and at The Exchange, Abudhabi in partnership with Ma’an Social Incubator.

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