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Raya Halet

Raya Halet is the founder and host of They Say It Takes A Village,
which is a homegrown podcast that she launched to provide a directory of all things parenting in the UAE in the hopes of creating
the proverbial ‘Village’.
She interviews experts across the country who help provide honest insights and trusted recommendations for parents as they
navigate this incredible journey of parenthood. With a background
in health science and 15 years of regional experience, ‘They Say It
Takes A Village’ podcast is a fusion of her passion for motherhood
alongside her clinical background brought together to provide a
little black book of top tier contacts. With a diverse scope of topics,
the podcast dives deep into conversations that need to be had
and highlighted. ”We are blessed to live in a country that boasts
world-class expertise” says Raya, which she hopes to showcase
in her podcast. “Parenting shouldn’t be solo; as they say, it takes
a village to raise a child.

Author's books



Where is Blue Bird” is a delightful book crafted by Raya Halet and Julie Mallon, with charming illustrations by Suzanne Darkan. Designed with babies aged 0-6 months in mind, the book aims to make a positive impact on their daily summer routines. This book provides an engaging and interactive experience that captures their imagination while fostering a sense of adventure.