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Imane Alaoui

Born in the vibrant city of Rabat,Morocco, I spent the first 23 years of my life immersed in the rich Moroccan culture and its cuisine. The bustling markets of Morocco, the scent of spices,
and the warmth of its people shaped my early culinary experiences.

My journey then took me to France, where I continued my studies. It was in the heart of France that my passion for reinventing cuisines and merging diverse flavors began.

Author's books


Flavors of Morocco Transcended


Dive into a culinary adventure that transcends the borders of Moroccan cuisine. Discover how the intense and aromatic flavors of Morocco can harmoniously blend with ingredients from around the world to create a new, exciting, and dynamic cuisine.

Plongez dans une aventure culinaire qui transcende les frontières de la cuisine marocaine. Découvrez comment les saveurs intenses et aromatiques du Maroc peuvent se marier harmonieusement avec des ingrédients provenant du monde entier pour créer une cuisine nouvelle, passionnante et dynamique.