The lines on our faces are our life experiences etched into our skins.They are stories collected over years, stories waiting to be shared.With the support of Ma’an Abu Dhabi, Uhibbook Publishing presents a unique project that transcends generations. Together, we aim to bridge the gap between generations, nurture empathy and challenge ageist stereotypes in society.


Embark on a journey of self discovery and spiritual exploration with Saara through the pages of her book “Barefoot: A seekers Journey”. Each poem is a footstep in the walk along the path of self-realization. It is an invitation to embrace the never ending journey. A journey that leads us inward even as we explore the vastness and beauty of nature around us.


Where is Blue Bird” is a delightful book crafted by Raya Halet and Julie Mallon, with charming illustrations by Suzanne Darka. Designed with babies aged 0-6 months in mind, the book aims to make a positive impact on their daily summer routines. This book provides an engaging and interactive experience that captures their imagination while fostering a sense of adventure.



The Seven Principle of the Modern-Day Gladiator” presents an empowering journey of personal transformation for those who dare to succeed beyond all limitations.In this book, you’ll discover the seven powerful principles inspired by gladiators of old, empowering you to unlock your inner potential irrespective of your current age, birthplace, or social standing.


Ayman’s Iftar


A Ramadan story from the suburbs of Australia about a boy on a special mission. Ten-year-old Ayman is all set to treat his family to a fabulous spread of traditional Algerian dishes for Iftar. He has rolled up his sleeves and donned his chef’s hat. Will everything go according to plan? Only time will tell.



The Eco-heroes Watch Water (Arabic)


Watch Water is the 4th book in the series. The story’s hero is Rudi from South Africa who understands why water conservation is so important, having seen it first hand in his home country.

The book highlights water scarcity in the Middle East and why fashion and diet have such an impact on our water footprint. There are desert camping adventures and football antics in the garden, but the highlight is the children modelling ethical outfits at the
Eco-Fashion Festival. Guess which Eco-hero will not be invited back to next year’s festival?!

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