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Nahla Nabil

Nahla Nabil is an innovative and versatile professional with a
broad range of experiences spanning from aviation to construction, railway, and airport operations. She began her illustrious
career in New Zealand after completing her education there, majoring in Environment Science. Her experiences in New Zealand
laid the foundation for her exemplary work in sustainability and
A true pioneer in the field, Nahla earned the distinction of being
one of the first few females in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi to venture
into the HSE domain in 2003.
Nahla has a profound understanding of the intricate systems and
procedures propelling these sectors. Renowned for her excellent
leadership, project management skills, and strong proficiency in
Environmental laws.
In addition to her illustrious career, Nahla is a devoted mother to
two beautiful daughters, Talya and Maya.
This personal aspect of her life adds another layer of depth to
her advocacy for a sustainable future, as she is not only working
towards a better world for the current generation but for the generations to come. Passionate about education, Nahla dedicates
herself to raising climate change awareness among children.

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