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Saara Ali

Saara Ali is a lawyer, entrepreneur and now a published writer
based in Dubai, UAE.
Hailing from the culturally rich and diverse Democratic Republic of
the Congo, she has lived on four continents and over six countries,
and has visited over 40 countries. Her interactions on her travels,
a degree in psychology and the law intrigued her to further explore the human mind, spirit and connection. This prompted her
to start writing and dotting down her understanding of the world
in words that she and many like her could relate to.
Besides her professional commitments, Saara is a first time mother, and in her words, “motherhood jumpstarts your long dormant to-do list”. Her business endeavours have put her on course
to move toward a flexible and simpler professional way of life
allowing her more time to pursue her love for writing and travel,
fulfilling her deep curiosity for life.

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