My writing Journey: Hana and the Unicorn 

As an entrepreneur, the hardest challenge is to maintain a balance. In entrepreneurship, as in so many work-systems, there is this toxic culture of working 20 hours with no work-life balance. I embarked on this journey as a mother, and my resolve from the outset was that I would maintain a balance between my roles in life : entrepreneur, mom, friend, daughter… 

I fail at it often.

But when my daughter grabbed my sample book one bush afternoon, and wanted to have a unicorn-party … I bit my lip as the words ‘sorry, I’m busy’ started to form.

I have been busy, and we have missed countless play dates, outings, and hanging out opportunities since this started.

Not this one I thought. So here we are… with a simple rhyming book I wrote. 

I wrote this rhyme, to educate my daughter about the Hijri calendar. I love rhyme. (You can see some of the grown-up poetry that I manage to find the courage to share on my personal insta profile.) My daughter loves unicorns. So it made perfect sense to combine both of those into this labour of love… 

In writing about flying off into the sky to discover and find the elusive moon, I’m saying to her “Take risks, my darling, to find whatever it is that you seek”

It’s not regular-mom advice. As I child, I was always taught caution and to play safe. 

But to my children I want to say … Fly away when opportunity comes calling. 

They meet a friendly cloud and a helpful star on the way as they journey together to find the Ramadan Crescent. I love the way she gets into the story and makes it her own… the expressions, the enthusiasm … she gets it.

And that’s more than I could have asked for 💕

 There is something beautiful about being able to successfully share your ideas, and the joy of being understood surpasses all else.

Is there a story in you, that you want to share. That you want heard and understood?