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Dariush Soud

Dariush Soudi is a serial entrepreneur and philanthropist known
worldwide for his love of helping people. Because of him, hundreds of thousands of people across the globe have seen their
lives changed for the better.
Dariush started his entrepreneurial journey at a young age and
has overcome many obstacles and life-threatening challenges
throughout his life. From making millions to losing them and back
again, held at knifepoint and suffering a heart attack, Dariush
has seen it all. Yet he never gave up when facing tough times
and dangerous situations. Instead, he used those times to push
himself to work even harder.
He’s a great storyteller and teacher who shares his life experiences and valuable insights to help as many people as possible achieve great success, wealth and happiness in their own lives.
Dariush’s passion for helping other business owners do great
things makes him unique. This is why he’s known as one of the
most humble and influential entrepreneurs on the planet.

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