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Langdon Morris

Langdon is a globally renowned teacher, consultant, and keynote speaker on innovation and strategy. He leads the innovation consulting practice at InnovationLabs, supporting companies, governments, and humanitarian organizations worldwide. He has written many books on all facets of innovation management and business strategy which are widely used in practice and as university textbooks, including The Innovation Master Plan which was described here. Recently he created the world’s most complete online course in innovation, the 25-hour Innovation Mastery program.

Author's books


Net Zero City


The climate emergency is already having major impacts on cities worldwide, and these impacts will increase. We know that we must transform the world’s energy systems, as well as our lives and lifestyles, in order to achieve sustainability, livability, and balance. This acclaimed book provides a detailed Roadmap to help guide these critical changes to our energy systems, as well as our ways of living, and the cities in which we live.