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Aparna Jeyaraman

"The idea to write a children’s book came about one night while making up a bedtime story. She created characters that mirrored her children’s personalities, both boys who are mischievous and love adventure."

Aparna Jeyaraman grew up in Doha, Qatar and further pursued her higher education in England and Australia. She loves travelling and interacting with children. Having lived in the Middle East for many years and currently based in Dubai, she has a deep connection here and feels at home.

Author's books


Coco’s Adventures with Miko


This is a story of Coco, a fun-loving raccoon who makes the bold decision to slip himself into a bag and fly on a plane for an adventure. Unaware of his destination, he lands in the UAE and is taken by complete surprise. His exploits begin in Abu Dhabi where he makes an unlikely but delightful acquaintance with Miko the meerkat. Together they explore the UAE and have amusing and unforgettable experiences.